Eagle Liner Note Quote

Billy is one of those dedicated musicians whose life literally revolves around music, whether by playing his various instruments, composing, arranging or giving master classes to young players. Although a versatile musician, Billy’s great love is jazz music, a love which for him is an ongoing journey. This is evident in the many interpretive styles and delicate nuances that Billy injects into all his music.

This disc is a wonderful example of the palette of colours Billy Kerr has on tap, at any moment in time, to give just the right turn of phrase to make an eloquent statement. The musicians in the band, showing great support, demonstrate their own vital and spirited performance going through a variety of emotions that will delight any jazz aficionado. Running the gamut of straight-ahead up-tempo be-bop to the most sensuous ballads, the band demonstrates a sense and sensibility, a maturity, that will leave the listener wanting more.


Abe Kestenberg

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